Apple Tree has 2  full
time adult caregivers
& one part time
Please e-mail for
information on our next
expected openings
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We do offer a
waiting list
Part time rates are
based on number of
days not the number of
You will notice our tuition rates are not posted on our site. Tuition rates vary based on factors such as
age, part time/full time status, potty training and which location. For this reason it is important that
e-mail inquiries provide pertinent information so we can best answer your questions. Licensing also
discourages providers from posting rates to avoid families finding problems with price fixing issues
among providers. Please note in most cases a part time rotating schedule will require a full time spot,
please inquire for further information.
Age Group
(6 weeks to 24 months)
(24 months to 5 years old)
1 in September
School Age
School Age Program