Our childcare schedule provides a structured routine for the benefit of the children. At
times this schedule may be altered to better meet the needs of the children. There is also
change to the schedule when we have a special party, field trip or visitor.  During the
summer months we spend more time outside (meal time too!) and go on more field trips.
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more information about our day.
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  • Arrival- children have free choice of activities
  • Breakfast
  • Wash Hands, Toilet, Diapering
  • Infant morning nap, Preschool- Circle Time, Craft,
    Sharing, Reading, Music,Writing, Cooking,
    Science/Sensory, Math
  • Clean Up, Wrap up preschool activities
  • AM Snack
  • Outside or other Large Muscle Activity
  • Free Choice, children choose from centers
  • Clean Up                                        
  • Wash Hands, Preparation for lunch
  • Lunch
  • Story, Toilet, Diapering, Nap Preparation
  • Nap, Quiet Time
  • Toilet, Diapering, Snack preparation
  • PM Snack
  • Outside and/or Free Choice play