Provider Training

The Minnesota Department of Human Services requires that licensed providers receive a minimum of 16 hours of
trainings per year. To date, I have completed several hundred hours of training. I have obtained the Minnesota Infant
Toddler Credential. Below I have listed a few of the training topics. A complete portfolio of training records for each team
member is available during an interview. Apple Tree team members are provided many training opportunities and also
exceed the minimum of 16 hours per year.
Health related topics
  • Pediatric CPR and first aid
  • Social and emotional development
  • Signs and symptoms of illness
  • Nutrition and food preparation safety
  • Asthma 101 present by the American
    Lung Association
  • Disease prevention
  • Child passenger restraint
  • Children's mental health and learning
  • Early identification of autism
    spectrum disorder
  • Sensory processing
  • Child abuse and neglect presented
    by Patty Wetterling
  • Redirecting children's behavior
  • Guidance and behavior management
  • Guidance tips presented by author
    David Walsh
  • Managing environments
  • The Nutured Heart Approach
Teaching topics
  • Developing curriculum
  • Child development
  • Creating successful learning
  • Kindergarten readiness
  • Observation in the classroom
  • Art process
  • Creating curriculum for a multi-aged
  • On-site infant/toddler professional
  • Early childhood sign language
  • Enhancing language through literacy
Other helpful topics
  • Professional development
  • Assessing program quality
  • Communicating with families
  • Toilet teaching
  • Dakota County licensing supervision
  • Making more of childhood routines
  • Understanding parenting styles
  • Minnesota Infant Toddler Credential
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