Stretch n' Grow with Miss Sherry
The Fabulously Fun Fitness Program for Healthy, Happy Kids
  • Designed to promote exercise and wellness for preschool-aged children.  
  • This program assists parents and child care providers in developing good health and
    fitness habits in young children.  
  • The program is taught at child care facilities by a well trained Stretch-N-Grow coach.
  • Stretch-N-Grow Stars participate in weekly sessions, which include exercise, activities,
    and discussions on health and related issues such as nutrition, hygiene and safety.  
  • Stars have lots of fun while they learn to enjoy exercise and build good habits.

Travel Tots with Miss Paula
Bringing the Wonders of the World to Our Children
  • Travel Tots mission is to teach children understanding and acceptance of other cultures.
  • Each class is an adventure in learning -- Adventures in Geography, Adventures in
    Science, Adventures in Motion, and Adventures in Story & Song.
  • Each class theme is based on a country, with a new country being studied every month.
  • www.traveltots.org

Story time with Stacey with Miss Nancy
  • When Nancy visits she brings a wooden house (size of a small trunk) the roof opens
    where she keeps her stories.
  • Every visit she has a new theme. She uses books, flannel boards pieces, games, music
    (the children have tried her guitar) to help read the stories.

Yoga with Miss Anna

LANA Preschool Program~
Learning About Nutrition through Activities
  • The goal of the LANA Preschool Program is to help young children learn to taste, eat
    and enjoy more fruits and vegetables in order to promote good health, including
    healthy weight and reduced risk of chronic disease. The LANA Program helps children
    learn to eat more fruits and vegetables by:
  • Increasing opportunities for children to taste and eat fruits and vegetables
  • Providing opportunities for hands-on experiences with fruits and vegetables
  • Creating a supportive environment for eating fruits and vegetables
  • Providing children with role models who eat fruits and vegetables
  • Connecting classroom or child care activities with their home environment

I am Moving, I am Learning Program
  • Choosy Kids, LLC is a company devoted to promoting healthy, active lifestyles. It was
    founded on the belief that healthy preferences for food choices and physical activity
    can be developed early in life. Choosy Kids honors the role that Parents, Early
    Educators, and Health Providers play in helping children develop healthy preferences.
    Click here to learn more.

Each week we have a preschool theme that some of our activities will be based around as well
as alphabet focus. At times we will have field trips, special days or movies related to the theme.
Every week we create lesson plans from our extensive teaching materials. This plan includes a
mixture of small motor, large muscle, art, science/sensory, math, reading/writing, singing and
cooking. If the group is struggling with a particular concept we may continue with that same
concept the following week. Our preschool program is tailored specifically to meet the need of
the entire mixed aged  group, so that all children are able to participate at their own interest  
Click here to learn more. Enrolled families receive access to our private Facebook page.
Parents are able to learn about their child's day and view photos through this site.
Click here for
a sample.

This addition to our preschool program prepares children for their next big step into kindergarten.
Children receive two issues per month. After using these issues in class, our excited preschoolers
take them home to share with Mom & Dad what they've learned!

A great affordable way for Apple Tree parents to build their child's library and love for reading.
Parents are able to order as they choose while at the same time earning books for their child to
enjoy while at preschool.

Apple Tree has frequent outings for fun or as related to a theme topic we may be learning about
and/or transporting to area schools.
Click here to learn more.

During the summer months we have preschool activities but do not have a specific weekly theme
focus. Our summer days are filled with many community outings, visiting enrichment programs
and outdoor/water play.
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Apple Tree offers before and after school care, no school day and summer care. Click here for
more information about school transporting.
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