It is with great regret that we have to leave you as a
provider for our son *******. We think you have
amazing organizational skills for his activities & are
very responsible & caring towards him & the other
children. The only reason we are switching daycare
is because of location, with our recent move. We
have been thoroughly impressed with your daycare
& especially you. We could not have asked for a
better provider in you. You have been blessed with
child loving & teaching skills. We will miss you,
Kadriana & Will very much.

Parents of an infant
We would like to express our gratitude for
the special care you have provided ******.
You have provided us with a sense of
easiness during the time ****** was under
your care. Knowing that your child is well
cared for & receiving the love & nurturing
necessary for proper development at such
a young age is a great feeling of comfort
for a parent. We also appreciate the
professionalism in which you have
extended towards us, as clients, during
these past few months.

Parents of an infant
Thank you so much for taking such great
care of *******. Every time I drop him off,
I know that he is in loving hands. **** & I
thank God that we found you.

Parents of an infant
You have gone above & beyond what you should have
had to for ******. I appreciate
all you have done. He's
still loves coming to school & he
LOVES you. I will be
forever grateful to you!

Mother of a preschooler
Thanks so much for your care & for providing such
a great environment for the girls. P.S.The
Valentine's projects were great & the presents very
thoughtful. All the best.

Parents of toddlers
Thank you so much for being ******'s teacher this
year. He has enjoyed going to preschool when he
knows you're there. Wishing your family a Merry
Christmas & Happy New Year.

Mother of a preschooler
Just wanted to thank you for all you've
done for *****
while he was in your class. We went
through many ups & downs while he was
4, but he's so much better for it. Thanks
again for being such a patient, caring

Mother of a preschooler
You were by far the best teacher we've had at ******
******* & you will be greatly missed. Thank you so
much for everything you have done to help our girls
learn & grow. We wish you & your family only the

Parents of preschooler & toddler
Thank you so very much for all the
extra hugs, love, & discipline that you
gave to ******. We are really going to
miss you. You have "planted seeds" in
****** and gave him "water"- now God
will take all your hard work & turn ******
into a Godly boy. Good luck in all you
do! Blessings on your new adventures!
One may plant, another may water, but
it is God who brings the harvest.
1Corinthians 3:6

Parents of a preschooler
The purpose of this letter is to provide personal
recommendation as to the teaching, care giving
ability and personal character of Nicole Ross. I
speak as her boss, although I would, as all that
worked with her, consider her a friend. Our
experience was incredibly positive. Her duties
included acting as a lead teacher in our
Per-kindergarten program,
supervising classroom activities and conduct, and
lesson planning. Nicole always went beyond the
call of duty. She was always cooperative with
administration, respected by staff and loved by the
children, and parents. She would be an asset to
any organization.

Letter of reference from previous employer
You are the best provider I have ever found & also
better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you!

Mother of a preschooler
As we've expressed over time- we
have asked for a better person and
environment for ******* to spend
her days.
You've been a great person to
help us raise ******* and it breaks
our hearts to have to leave.

Mother of a toddler
The hardest thing about our move, is leaving you
and the daycare. We have been so lucky to have
******* in such a loving, caring and nurturing
environment. Thank you so much for all of your
hard work.

Mother of a toddler
We would just like to share how blessed we feel to
have you in our lives as such a great daycare
provider. We hope you enjoy your vacation and
birthday. And a big thanks for everything!

Parents of a preschooler
First and foremost, we would not be leaving Nicole's
daycare if it weren't for relocating. Nicole Ross has
been an exceptional daycare provider and has
provided our daughter with a safe and nurturing
environment for 9 months. She provides themes for
learning and encourages play, reading, singing and
dancing into the daily activities. *******'s words and
abilities amaze us each day and it is obvious she
has been in the perfect daycare setting. Nicole
communicates with us every day and gives us great
newsletters featuring announcements, birthdays, and
field trips. I have never met a provider who is more
dedicated to her business and who is always looking
for new things to incorporate into the children's
lives. Her love of children is seen through the many
pictures she posts on her website. We would
recommend Nicole and her team (Will, Debby and
Megan) to any parent looking to place their child
into a daycare/pre-school.

Parents of toddler
Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!
We are so lucky to have you care for
*******- We thank you so much for all your
effort and love you put into your childcare!
******* is so happy at daycare and she's so
lucky to have you as a "second" Mom!

Parents of a toddler
I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy
your vacation, you really deserve the break for
all that you do every day! You are a remarkable
person. I want to thank you for giving me the
opportunity to work with you. It has been a great
experience. I finally have a job that I'm excited
and happy to go to every day and work with such
a great person. Thank you!

Team Member
THANK YOU for the great BBQ with
all my friends! I had so much fun!
(so did Mommy & Daddy!) Thank
you for the wonderful DVD of
memories. I like to watch it and
show Mommy all my friends. Thank
you, also, for the Elmo balloon. I
have tied it to my car so
when I drive around the house it
follows behind me. I can't thank
you enough for all you do for me
and with me. I love you!

From a 2 year old
Words cannot express how thankful
we are for everything that you do.
The family picnic was fun and the
CD of ******* was
wonderful and
touching. We appreciate all the time
and effort you both give to the
children, and us!

Parents of a toddler
Thank you VERY much for being such a great
person and caregiver for ******. It means the world
to us to know our baby is safe, happy, and loved all
day while we work. I hope you know how much you
are truly appreciated.

Parents of an infant
I can't thank you enough for all you've done for us.
You will
always have a big place in my heart I'm
going to miss you & all my friends!

Love from a toddler
Thank you for everything you
do, you mean so much to us.
Hope you have a fabulous
Mother's Day, one very well

Parents of a toddler
Strength comments from parents from my 2007
Parent Evaluation (Dakota County sends this to
parents to fill out anonymously for license renewal)

Nicole is great with all of the kids- she loves and
treats them like her own.
Nicole is open and truthful about the children.
The kids love going to care and they love Nicole.
Nicole is fabulous from every aspect- she cares for
the children, does projects with them, goes on field
trips with them- everything coordinates around the
kids and it's great!
Nicole offers many learning experiences, provides
nutritious meals and communicates well with
parents regarding the children's day.
Nicole has a passion for children and for what she
Nicole is honest and has good relationships with the
Nicole disciplines the children well.
The children are well taken care of- Nicole, Ashley,
Megan, Will and Deb are great!
Nicole and her staff are professional yet loving and
Many tools are used for learning and play- the
children develop many skills through projects,
singing, dancing and playing.
Nicole give parents special projects from the
children and provides parents with great photos of
the kids having fun at daycare.
Nicole does a fantastic job!
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Strength comments from parents from my 2008
Parent Evaluation (Dakota County sends this to
parents to fill out anonymously for license

Nicole truly cares for all the kids. She is easy to
work with.
I love that she is engaged with the children
and pays quality attention to their needs.
Nicole is excellent. She has great program.
This is a wonderful daycare. My child enjoys
daycare and we've never had an issue.
Strength comments from parents from my
2009 Parent Evaluation (Dakota County
sends this to parents to fill out
anonymously for license renewal)

We like the activities, enrichment
programs and the high quality field trips
that are age-appropriate and stimulating
for the kids
Care is reliable and consistent
Communication is great!
Very interactive, preschool teaching, good
field trips
Nicole is like a second mom to them, very
Nicole is extremely organized and
involved in the community and the
children's learning
I want to thank you very much for the
opportunity to learn so much during my
employment with Apple Tree. Not only have I
learned so much about the family childcare
business, but I have also enjoyed your
company. I will most definitely take all the
things I have learned and experienced into
action when I open my own childcare business.
I feel that the knowledge I have gained will
help make my business a successful one.
During my employment I have had the
pleasure of getting to know you and your
family. I wanted to let you know that I have a
special place in my heart for all of you. I look
forward to staying in contact with you both as
business professionals and friends. I will miss
working with you each day, especially the
sing34444ing. I hope that this will be a smooth
transition for you and the business with your
new assistant. I look forward to seeing you all at
the family picnic, picture day and hopefully
field trips/special events with my future daycare
children. Thank you again for the wonderful
Former team member
Summary of my observation of Nicole Ross
  • I could write a book on all the wonderful qualities I see in Nicole as a caregiver... Where do I begin?
  • Nicole provides a safe environment
  • She promotes good health and nutrition and provides an environment that contributes to the prevention of illness
  • Nicole uses her space, relationships, materials, and routines as resources for constructing an interesting, secure, and
    enjoyable environment that encourages play, exploration, and learning.
  • Nicole provides a variety of equipment, activities, and opportunities to promote physical development of the children in
    her care.
  • She also provides activities and opportunities that encourage curiosity, exploration, and problem solving appropriate to
    the development levels and learning styles of the children in her care.
  • This caregiver helps her children to take pride in themselves... to develop a sense of independence.
  • It is clear that Nicole wants each child to feel accepted in the group... She helps the children to communicate and get
    along with others... and also encourages feelings of empathy and mutual respect among all the children.. not just the
    little ones.
  • It appears to me that Nicole maintains an open, friendly, and cooperative relationship with each child's family... and
    encourages their involvement.
  • One of Nicole's greatest assets is that of utilizing available resources to ensure an effective operation of her family
    child care business. In my opinion, she is an excellent organizer, planner, and business manager.
  • Nicole makes decisions based on her knowledge of early childhood theories and practices, and she promotes quality in
    the child care service she offers her families. She also takes advantage of opportunities to increase her level of
    competency... both for her personal growth.. and her professional growth... by attending various training opportunities.
~Early Childhood Trainer and Consultant
(taken from written report)
Dear Nicole & Will,
Words will not begin to express how thankful we are for the care you have give to our
children over the last 3 years. We are sad to be leaving because of relocation, but if it is any
consolation the only negative we had in making the decision to relocated was leaving Apple
Tree Family Childcare.

Prior to enrolling our children in you daycare we had the opportunity to experience a
daycare center and several in home daycares. Those experiences were good and bad, but
they helped us to realize how important quality daycare was to the growth and development
of our children. After all, our children spend more time under your watch then ours. After
interviewing with you and seeing what you had to offer we knew we had found the right
place. Your childcare provides care superior to any others we had seen or heard of. You  
provide an atmosphere that encourages learning and development. In addition, you offer a
variety of activities that develop the children's social, communication and problem solving
skills just to mention a few.

It was always comforting to know our children were in your care which made our lives as
parents easier. The children always wanted to be first ones to daycare and the last ones to
leave. It even got to the point when the children were sick, they often cried because they
were upset they had to stay home with us instead of being able to go to daycare, that to us
speaks volumes about how much they truly enjoyed being in your daycare.

Nicole it's rare to find an individual doing something that they love to do, but you are one of
those people and it shows in the care you provide for the children. The sacrifices you make
for the children can not be put into words.

Will, you provide a male role model for all the kids. However, I think you spend more time
being one of the kids!

You have provided a foundation for our children to grow upon and that foundation is a
building block for their future. We look forward to watching our children continuing to grow
and build upon that foundation. The experiences they have had with you will always be
cherished and never forgotten. If there is anything we can ever do to help you please do not
hesitate to call as we will never be able to repay you for what you have done for us and our

Parents of two preschoolers
Having both of you a part of the association has brought so much
light and love! Your time and gift of your heart is priceless.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and support with Sunshine,
Provider's Night Out and the conference! Not to mention attending
the association functions! I really appreciate all you do.

President (former)
Dakota County Family Childcare Association
Thank you for being ****'s daycare family for the past two and a half
years. I know that he, and I, will always treasure the time that he spent
learning, playing, and growing with you! I appreciate the
thoughtfulness and time that you put into each day with the kids. The
person he becomes will be influenced by your guidance and attention
over the past two and a half years. Thank you!

Mother of a preschooler
Apple Tree Teachers,

******* had her kindergarten screening last month. We really
enjoyed watching her interact with the tacher and nurse and
we are grateful to hear she is doing well. I do not recall the
exact term they used but on all subjects she was right in the
middle of the "green area" on the scale which is where they
hope to see children at this age.

We know her education at Apple Tree plays a big part in this.
We wanted to say thank you for the excellent work you do
with the children. We are amazed by *******'s vocabulary,
subjects she discusses with us, and how quickly she catches
on. It sure makes life easier that ******* loves coming to
school every day. Most importantly we think our children feel
loved at your home, which is ultimately what a working
parent thinks about when sending their child to daycare.

We appreciate you all, thank you!

Parents of a preschooler & toddler