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"Nicole gave me a tour of her child care environment... I am
IMPRESSED! Nicole has put a great deal of thought, time
effort, and financial resources into her environment.
Excellent utilization of space- well planned - the best I have
seen recently.
I love the Entrance/Communication area, Multi-levels/Loft-
nice to bring in that extra square footage of usable space,
Interest Areas/Learning Centers- AMAZING!!!
  • I see that Nicole has a variety of songs, stories,
    books, and games- including those from other
    cultures- that encourage language development.
  • From what I see displayed on the walls and see in
    other ares of the environment, I can tell Nicole
    provides opportunities for children to represent their
    ideas nonverbally through activities such as painting,
    music making and creative movements.
This would be way too lengthly if I were to expound on all of
the wonderful things about Nicole's environment... you must
see it to truly appreciate it."
~Early Childhood Trainer and Consultant
(taken from written report)